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Contact Our Hotmail Customer Support Service Number at “1-800-230-5093 (USA & Canada) & 44-800-051-3905 (UK)”

Hotmail revolutionised the web communication practises the day it was incepted in 1996. It was one of its kind mail service applications that had some additional features embedded such as calendars, streamlining of contacts, drafts, chat server and occasion reminder. Over the years, Hotmail has evolved a lot and today it has reincarnated into Microsoft Outlook. Subsequently, ‘troubleshooting Hotmail issues’ is a necessity to meet the soaring needs of customers.

Tech Support Craft’ is a skilled tech support unit that has devoted its entire R&D towards rectifying email bugs. Our dedicated team at Hotmail customer support’ has been catering to the needs of the customers for long. This has empowered us with substantial experience in dealing with the in depth nuisances of troubleshooting Hotmail issues.

Some common Hotmail issues rectified by our skilled team include:

  • Filtering Hotmail junk mails
  • How to block unwanted users
  • Unable to send and receive emails in Hotmail
  • Recover lost Hotmail email passwords.
  • Problems in Hotmail chat messenger
  • Unable to share photos and other files

Besides, we have successfully dealt with issues of mass influence such as ‘Hotmail accounts hacked’ and Hotmail server down. Dealing with such issues require innate expertise and patience; needless to say that our team has been bestowed with the same.

Some other such sensitive Hotmail bugs we have repaired include:

  • Troubleshooting the dragging server speed.
  • Accomplished assistance in installation and configuration of new Hotmail accounts.
  • Integrating Hotmail with Outlook and Windows Live.
  • Hotmail account hacked.

Why call us

It’s a well known fact that Hotmail tech support service providers have splurged over the years. While their claims shout out of apical services, the reality raises concerns. Ensuring accomplished job done with no compromising with ethics, the Hotmail troubleshoot service wing at ‘Tech Support Craft’ is able to attend and resolve queries in hundreds of calls.

With less than 5% of escalation rate, our customer satisfaction figures have a lot to advocate for us. The benefits you get by calling our Hotmail customer support phone number include:

  • A certified team of ethical hackers to assist you in Hotmail hacking issues.
  • Remote access available for you to record live troubleshooting.
  • Hotmail has been transformed and embedded with Microsoft Outlook. We help you
  • understand the difference in basic plugins and usage
  • How to contact hotmail customer service by phone?

Simply call in our Hotmail tech support phone number ‘1-800-230-5093 (USA & Canada) & 44-800-051-3905 (UK)’.

Call US Now for any of these Services:-

  • Support for Hotmail email account language has been changed
  • Help for Configuring Hotmail email accounts
  • Phone Support for Installing MSN messenger and services
  • Phone Number Support for "What to do if my Hotmail account is hacked?”
  • Customer Support for Hotmail account has been blocked!
  • Tech Support for Hotmail Unable to Attach or Download Files
  • Help & Support for Hotmail Resetting Password
  • Technical Support for Hotmail Changing Password
  • Tech Number Support for Hotmail Password Recovery
  • Support Number for Unblock Hotmail Account

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